PS5: PSN is completely disabled, how to overcome the problem

PS5: PSN is completely disabled, how to overcome the problem

PSN and all of its services are completely out of service on PS4 and PS5

No matter the time of day, many PS4 and PS5 players are always in front of their console. Given the sales of the two consoles (117 million for PS4 and 19 million for PS5), it’s not surprising, even if Xbox don’t let it go At the beginning of the year. The problem is that technical issues affecting PlayStation hardware cannot go unnoticed.

When this happens, players rush to a rumble. This is the case on March 23rd. After the update that brought various improvements to PS4 and PS5, many players can no longer access PSN, thus enjoying PlayStation online services.

Is it a solution to overcome the problem in PS4 and PS5?

Sony’s update on PS4 and PS5 allows you to create open or closed parties by invitation. Finally, a new feature appears, VRR. The tech appears in the PS5’s settings, but it won’t be available for a few months.

Unfortunately, this update causes a serious problem: for a few hours, many players have complained about not being able to play online. FIFA 22 or even Gran Turismo 7 – which did not have You really don’t need it – Until already subscribed players are required to pay the PS Plus subscription.

Also unable to access the PlayStation Store or PlayStation Now. Very annoying concern for players. At this time, PlayStation has not responded to this massive PSN outage, but we’ll make sure to let you know when there’s a solution to the problem.

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