Pro D2: “It's a big club”, Portuguese Lucas Martins is impatient with the idea of ​​wearing the SU Agen shirt

Pro D2: “It's a big club”, Portuguese Lucas Martins is impatient with the idea of ​​wearing the SU Agen shirt

A few hours before the terrible clash between France and Portugal in the European Football Championship, the Portuguese SUA winger, who arrived this summer from Blagnac, gives himself up to the picture game in an exciting encounter.

Lucas Martins is certainly one of the greatest stories of oval football. At just 21 years old, this man with a strong build, a clear smile and a rebellious lock of hair already has a lot of experience. As proof, he could have lost it all a few months ago.

At the beginning of the year, the national league club Blagnac was forced to declare bankruptcy, leaving a number of players in a predicament. “I just came back from injury. I only played two games at the beginning of the season, so I had very little playing time.

Blagnac's connection with Matthieu Bonnet

Fortunately, the winger, who is also capable of helping out in midfield or in defence, will be able to count on a breath of fresh air, having been called up by the Portuguese national team to play in the VI Nations B tournament at the start of the season. year. In total, he made four appearances between February and March, scoring three tries. “After the games, SUA contacted my agent. Everything happened quickly. It's a big club, and obviously the desire to play there is there. But without Portugal, it was very difficult to get back to their level. »

After “starting with football and a little basketball”, Lucas Martins switched to the oval ball at the age of seven, following in the footsteps of his older brother Nicolas, a great third lineman from Montpellier. The adventure began in Colomiers. “I went to Tournefeuille for the first year of juniors, then to Blagnac for the first year of juniors.” He spent five seasons with the Caouiques, before joining Agen, where he found former Blagnac player Mathieu Bonnet.

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“When I learned of the contacts with Agen, I immediately wrote to him. He explained to me how it happened. “I was already convinced, but this reassured me even more in my choice,” explains the young man who has exceptional physical qualities for his position (1.93 m, 94 kg). “I am very tall, which allows me to be very good in the air and to have speed characteristics.”

“I am fit”

With SUA, those who want to get an engineering diploma hope to “play as much as possible”. “The staff explained to me what they wanted to do with me. It’s a big project that I liked right away. It’s a different level than the national level, but I’ll make sure to adapt so that everything goes well.”

In line with other great Portuguese wingers, such as Rafael Costa Storte, Vincent Pinto and Rodrigo Marta, Lucas Martins, who has scored for “three seasons”, also wants to leave his mark on the Pro D2. “The coaches have given me a great program. I am in good shape, and we all have ambitions.”

The boy, promising and smiling, should be the center of attention as of this evening, after the end of the France-Portugal match in the European Football Championship. “I don’t really follow football, except for the big competitions, like the World Cup or the European Championship. But whether one wins or the other, it doesn’t matter to me!” In addition to being cute, the boy is also a good player.

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