Presidential Election: Biden Tired During Failed Debate, Due to International Travel

Presidential Election: Biden Tired During Failed Debate, Due to International Travel

Joe Biden said Tuesday that his failed debate against Donald Trump on Thursday was due to fatigue linked to his recent international travel, after he visited France and then Italy in June.

The US president admitted that he was “not very smart” to have “travelled around the world several times” shortly before this confrontation, and that this led him to “almost” [s’]“Sleeping on stage,” he said during a meeting with Democratic donors near Washington, adding, “That’s not an excuse, that’s an explanation.”

“I didn't listen to my advisers,” the 81-year-old Democrat said five days after the debate, in which he appeared confused and at times completely lost in the face of the Republican predecessor he must face in November.

So far, his supporters' main argument has been that Joe Biden had a temporary “bad evening,” and that he has a “cold” that is hampering his speech.

This disastrous debate has sent a wave of panic through the Democratic camp, as we now openly question Joe Biden’s abilities as well as the future of his candidacy.

The US President visited France from June 5 to 9, to attend the Allied landings in Normandy and for a state visit. On the day of his arrival, June 5, after flying in at night, he stayed at his hotel for the day.

He then went to Italy from June 12 to 14 for the G7 summit, following a direct trip to California.

The Democrat then retreated for six days to prepare for the debate with his advisers at his residence at Camp David near Washington, a period during which there was no public activity.

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