Portuguese speaking vibrations for Rio Loco Festival 2022

After the 2021 version still features the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the festival Rio Loco It regains all its luster as the entire magnificent site of the Prairie des Filtres reopens, allowing its loyal audience to stroll and dance to the tunes of its four stages. The Main Meeting of World Music reinvents its 27th edition with joint artistic guidance within a group and program focusing on current music from around the world, bringing together tradition and contemporary production.

From 15 to 19 June we will be able to meet with new waves of countries such as Spain, Senegal, Uruguay, Reunion, Tunisia, Ghana, Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Brazil and, of course, France. A musical journey, dubbed the Institut Franco-Portuguese Season, will honor today’s Portuguese creativity, with the biggest names in its electric scene in particular. An event that you can experience directly on FIP.

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Wednesday 15th June

From day one, the festivities promise to be exciting with the arrival of lass, a Senegalese artist with a heavenly voice and the sounds of Hip Hop, Electro, Afropop and Mbalaks are as elegant as dance. The voice of the former Jasmine Revolution and a follower of Tunisian musical experiences Emile Mathlouthi He presents a wonderful moment with his host of guests such as multi-instrumentalist Léonie Pernet, singer and guitarist Laura Cahen and singer Awa Ly.

Genius Antique Synth Hervey Salters & Co General Electric They announced a sexy funk show with rapper Leroy while he was an Afro-Portuguese producer and producer nidia It will rock the Nova Onda stage with its percussion beats ahead of the expected group of DJ Lycox, an influential producer of the Afro-Portuguese house scene. Lisbon Quartet rest time He will share his experimental rock fever on the village stage.

Thursday 16 June

Who is better than the popular agitator of Asturias Rodrigo Cuevas To begin the second evening of this journey into contemporary world music or the phenomenal Uruguayan singer and composer Jorge DrexlerHe is the author of more than thirteen albums and an Oscar winner for his song Al Otro Lado del Rio. The dance party that will continue with salsa fever has continued from training Spanish Harlem Orchestra Celebrating its twentieth anniversary, DJ and producer from Lisbon Rita Maya, French producer and percussionist Lucia Antunes and its artificial acoustics or electroacoustic maps of the Portuguese capital Pedro da Linha.

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Friday 17 June

very discreetly, Zanmari Barry He is nonetheless one of the most creative artists on the current Malawya scene in Reunion. Shiny hair will continue to frequent the site of the Catalan singer Silvia Perez Cruz He will elevate his transcendent singing voice to the unrated music of his group Circus Persia. Meanwhile, DJ Lisbon Vanessa KokeshiThe half-female duo Heartbreakerz, will install the powerful and mobile beats of their techno house, before arriving at the Nova Onda stage of the Portuguese pioneer in electronic music. DJ Marfox. duo pop cats on trees He will be presenting at home the titles of his third album on mewhile voice activist Koiko from Ghana nicknamed KOGa member of the Afro-futurist project ONIPA, of the groove group Zongo Brigade or of the Riddimtion Sound collective dub, will make village theater dance with ecstatic energy for the titles of his debut single album Zone 6, Age.

Saturday 18 June

Rebecca M’Boungou and Arnaud Estor’s band was invited last year, and was unable to play due to the rough weather. So we will be on stage happily Colinga And his human poetry is served by a cocktail of Afro Folk, jazz and groove prior to the release of the second album. An elegant ecstasy that the Danish pianist and singer will keep on the stage of Pont-Neuve Agnes Opel With its wonderful music. Always headed in the clouds, we’ll be able to spot the electric aura with Lo-fi and psyche-rock touches of Portuguese DJ Guilherme Tomé Ribeiro and his project GPU panic Before surrendering to the dancing energy of the contemporary high life of the young Ghanaian collective SantroviDiana Oliveira’s hypnotic and wonderful technique or the fusion of traditional Cape Verdean music and electro from the leading duo in Lisbon, Branko and Dino from Santiago.

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Sunday 19 June

As always, the festival programmers prepared for us an exciting last night with a discovery Lina_Raul Ref, The Lisbon Project by Catalan Raúl Fernández Miró, better known as Refree, and Portuguese singer Lina Rodrigues who together modernized Fado Amália Rodrigues. Then head to the Brazilian Northeast with the phenomenal singer Chico Cesar Which mixes in his latest albums Brazilian, Caribbean and African in the same international musical language. The Nova Onda stage will display the electric journey of Mwamba Masalaan electronic device between the streets of Lisbon and the contemporary daydreams of composer and singer Mariana Bragada, also known as dead. The 2022 edition that will end with the Nigerian master blufunk’s premiere premiere, Keziah Jones.

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