Portuguese magazine devoted to the dynamics of development in Morocco

The Portuguese magazine “El Pais Economico” devoted its latest issue to the dynamics of development taking place in the Kingdom in various fields.

In an editorial titled “Morocco, shining star in Africa,” the director of the monthly magazine, Jorge Gonçalves Alegria, affirmed that “the Kingdom, thanks to the enlightened vision of King Mohammed VI, is on its way to becoming a leader in the region in terms of social, economic and cultural development.” .

The author of the opening indicated that Morocco has adopted a comprehensive set of policies and public reforms to facilitate the implementation of strategic development projects and the modernization of its infrastructure, citing, for example, the port of Tangier Med, the high speed of the highway network and its strengthening.

He pointed out that the Kingdom also presented, a few years ago, the autonomy plan in 2007 to end the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, which has recently witnessed remarkable economic and social growth, thanks to the various projects launched.

Committed to sustainable development, he continued, Morocco has also invested heavily in renewable energies and made great efforts to strengthen social protection.

On the other hand, the director of the magazine praised Morocco’s foreign policy and the distinguished level of its international cooperation, especially with African countries, referring to the Moroccan-Nigerian gas pipeline project, which is likely to link Africa and Europe.

With regard to Moroccan-Portuguese relations, the magazine indicated in another article that these relations, which date back more than six centuries, are still being strengthened by a strategic partnership and fruitful cooperation, noting that these relations require further consolidation. and twist.

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The article stated that a high-level meeting is scheduled to be held between the governments of Portugal and Morocco, during which the strategy of deepening the partnership between the two countries will be elevated to the position of a new president.

The magazine believes that the rapprochement between Rabat and Lisbon is promising, recalling that in 2021 Morocco was the eleventh destination for Portuguese merchandise exports in the world, and it is the main destination for Portuguese companies on the African continent.

According to the article, new steps are being taken to strengthen these relations at all levels, given the opportunities to deepen political cooperation, trade and investment between the two countries.

In addition, the publication paid special attention to the Moroccan Sahara file, relying on a number of historical facts that prove the legitimacy of the Kingdom’s cause.

From the time of Yusuf ibn Tashfin, himself a native of one of the tribes of the Moroccan Sahara, to the Alawite dynasty, Morocco continued to strengthen its relations with the inhabitants of the various regions of the Kingdom, in this case in the south. Provinces, the journal monitors.

The article states that Morocco submitted several years ago before various international bodies a set of texts that prove the effective exercise of sovereignty by the Sultan over these lands belonging to the Kingdom.

Morocco’s territorial integrity is also mentioned in many international treaties and documents. In the Anglo-Moroccan Treaty signed on March 13, 1895, the British and Moroccan governments recognized that “no power can have claims over the lands between the Draa Valley and Cape Bojador, because these lands are part of Morocco,” the article states.

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El Pais Economico recalled the political process that took place under the auspices of the United Nations to resolve this artificial conflict despite the successive obstacles imposed by the “Polisario”, noting that Morocco presented in 2007 an autonomy plan in line with international law and the most advanced democratic standards.

The magazine also shed light on the international support and positive dynamic witnessed by the Moroccan Sahara issue in recent times, which was reflected in the opening of about thirty consulates in the southern states.

This 67-page issue presents numerous articles on various aspects of the kingdom’s development and interviews with Portuguese investors who praised Morocco’s business climate.

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