Portugal’s Ribeiro and Veselco win the Lucknow Pro title

Guilherme Ribeiro and Francisca Veselko won the Caraïbos Lacanau Pro (QS 1,000) this Sunday, winning the final straight against France’s Maxime Huscenot and Maelys Jouault, in beautiful one-meter waves. The third stage of the European 10 QS benefited from very good conditions throughout the week.

The top candidate in the men’s final, Maxime Husinot (photo below) had fallen to the surprising young Portuguese Guilherme Ribeiro. The Frenchman, currently 16th in the Challenge series, appeared to be lacking in rhythm and Ribeiro took the opportunity to score two good goals early in the series and put pressure on his opponent. Time passed slowly because the ocean wasn’t too generous in the waves and Ribeiro wasn’t worried in the end.
Almost unknown, he wowed the 20-year-old from Caparica all week. Ribeiro, the only non-French surfer in the neighborhoods, was the obvious underdog. His victory allows him to climb to third place in the European QS rankings.

Thomas Depierre and Gatienne Delahaye on the podium
The 2015 winner in Lucknow, Husinot couldn’t keep up with his opponent in the final, but the Frenchman continues to score big in one of his best seasons on the track. “I wanted to score big goals from the start with the air, but he put me in a bad rhythm,” he explained. Honestly, I didn’t come here for points or prize money, my goal is to keep up the momentum, and carry on with the streak. It’s great to browse events in France too, we don’t have much so I always love to do. I’ve been able to work on my new boards and stay active, so I’m more happy and excited than ever for the rest of the season. »
Hussnot and Ribeiro had previously eliminated Thomas Depierre and Gatien Delahaye respectively in the semi-finals. The Guadeloupeans also confirm that they have a very good season.
Lacanau Ocean, Gironde, France - AUGUST 21: Maelys Jouault (FRA) in the semi-finals of the Caraibos Lacanau Pro 2022 in Plage Centrale, Lacanau Ocean, France (Photo by Laurent Masurel/World Surf League)
Maëlys Jouault fell from the Olympians
The women’s final was contested by two rookies, again from France and Portugal. Like Huscenot, impressive all week long Maëlys Jouault (photo above), was the favorite after eliminating Olympians Pauline Ado in the semi-finals and Yolanda Hopkins (Portugal) in the quarter-finals. Undoubtedly affected by the pressure of the situation, she was unable to find a wave with potential to land on her usual strong turns. Like her compatriot, Francesca Veselko entered the final better, especially with 7 points in the first moments. She quickly regained the upper hand and progressed comfortably in her first QS final. “It feels really good to be in the final today and to see that my surfing is still good,” Goault said. I feel really good now, I’m happy and it shows, so I’m just going to try to keep it going. »

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After the Gironde, the QS European Caravan will be in the Basque Country this week for
Surfers will now descend on the coast towards the French Basque Country for the Rip Curl Pro Anglet (QS 3000) starting Tuesday.

Results Karabus Lacano

1 – Guilherme Ribeiro (PUR) 13.40
2 – Maxim hosinot (ENG) 10.20
semi final
Defender 1: Maxim hosinot (France) 11.83, beat Thomas Debeer (France) 8.73
DF 2: Guilherme Ribeiro (BUR) 12.60 defeats Gaten Delhi (eng) 11.73
QF 1: Thomas Debeer (France) 15.97, better than Teva bushjoo (France) 11.33
QF 2: Maxim hosinot (France) 13.17 beat Marc Lakumari (France) 12.50.000
QF 3: Guilherme Ribeiro (POR) 15.03 defeats Sam run out (ENG) 14.83
QF 4: Jatin Delhi (France) 14.33 beat Thiago curry (eng) 13.93

Lacanau Ocean, Gironde, France - August 16: At the Caraibos Lacanau Pro 2022 in Plage Centrale, Lacanau Ocean, France (Photo by Laurent Masurel/World Surf League)


1 – Francesca Vesselko (POR) 13.50
2 – Miles jolt (eng) 7.00
semi final
DF 1: Maelys jolt (France) 13.33 beat Pauline teen (ENG) 12.07.2018
Defender 2: Francesca Veselko (BUR) 10.73 beats Carolina Mendes (BUR) 8.80
QF 1: Maelys jolt (France) 12.84 beats Yolanda Hopkins 10.67
QF 2: Pauline teen (France) 14.10 defeats Mafalda Lopez (Pour) 13.76
QF 3: Francesca Veselko (Bur) 11.43 beats Camilla Kemp (Germany) 10.00.
QF 4: Carolina Mendes (POR) 11.80 beats MOD The Because (France) 10.90.000

Lacanau Ocean, Gironde, France - August 16: At the Caraibos Lacanau Pro 2022 in Plage Centrale, Lacanau Ocean, France (Photo by Laurent Masurel/World Surf League)
QS Europe Rankings

Top 5 masters
1 – Saturday run out (England)
2 – Thiago curry (England)
3 – Guilherme Ribeiro (Bor)
3 – Petor Garitonandia (Spain)
3- Kay Odriozola (Spain)

Top 5 women
1 – Yolanda Hopkins (Bor)
2 – Francesca Veselko (Bor)
3 – Janir Gonzalez Etxabari (Spain)
4 – Rachel Presti (Germany)
5 – Alice Barton (Great Britain)

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