Portugal under fire from computer attacks

after the newspaper espresso And the TV channel Commonwealth of Independent States In January, mobile operator Vodafone was the target of a widespread hack. Basic services have been banned in the country. His safety, the press asserts this morning, is now threatened.

One company is targeted and an entire country is affected. On the night of Monday, February 7 to Tuesday, February 8, the Portuguese subsidiary of the British mobile operator Vodafone (the second in the world in terms of the number of subscribers after China Mobile) was subjected to a computer attack, “Leaving many essential services, such as firefighters, SAMOs, and hospitals unable to receive calls or text messages,” Reports Publico.

The newspaper also offers a disturbing front page to say the least this morning, showing a disguised hacker on a black background, to reference this news. “Barrage of breakthroughs”, who now “It calls into question the security of the country.” An opinion shared by all Portuguese newspapers that dedicate their headlines to piracy.

In January, a major attack already hit SIC, the leading Portuguese channel in terms of audience, as wellespresso, Portugal’s main weekly, the two outlets are part of the same Imprensa group, which has been struggling to recover ever since. And for good reason: Millions of archives have been destroyed. In an article entitled “Pirates: When the Plan is to Kill the Messenger”, espresso condemn “The biggest attack on press freedom since April 25th” (History of the 1974 Carnation Revolution), and attributed the attack to a group of Spanish and South American pirates.

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‘Acts of war’ to ‘paralyze the country’

In his editorial of the day to Journal de NegosiosCamilo Lourenco points out “The astounding digital fragility of companies” The Portuguese point out that another press group, Cofina, but also Parliament or the CUF Saúde network, the country’s largest private health group, was recently attacked. This time, the editorial confirms


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