Portugal eliminates France and Pepe: Football is a disaster

Portugal eliminates France and Pepe: Football is a disaster

JAKARTA – Portugal had to be eliminated in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Euro 2024. After a tough fight against France, they lost the penalty shootout 5-3. The Pffa defender admitted that football was cruel because Portugal won a penalty shootout and was then sent off. Eliminated in the same way. Portugal lost their love and could not score during the knockout match. In the round of 16 against Slovenia, Bruno Fernandes and others could only play 0-0 and then won the penalty shootout 3-0.

While the quarter-final against France also ended in a goalless draw, the Seleção das Quinas looked confident heading into the penalty shootout.

In addition, France were left out of captain Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann due to player substitutions.

However, the French team managed to solve all the executions. Instead, Portugal failed after Joao Felix hit the crossbar.

There was no need for a fifth Portugal goalkeeper as France went 5-3 up when Theo Hernandez finished off his shot.

“Football is tough. Sadness is part of the game, we want to be champions for our country and make people happy. In the previous match we got a penalty. Now we also lost a penalty,” said Pepa.

“But most importantly, congratulations to all the players. They play with commitment,” he said.

Midfielder Vitinha was one of the Portuguese players who actually had a chance to score, but the chance was lost as his foot could have reached goalkeeper Mike Maignan.

“We gave everything. But it all ended painfully. Today it belongs to France. But at another time, it could be ours,” said the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder.

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Meanwhile, winger Bernardo Silva tried to have fun by saying that a team that plays well does not necessarily win the match.

“It's football. It's a big tournament where games have to be played for 90 minutes, 120 minutes and a penalty shootout. The best team doesn't always win,” Silva said.

“Getting a penalty in the round of 16 might seem painful for Slovakia. Now it's painful for us. We also have to stick together because we're going to keep working hard.”

Portugal, still relying on Cristiano Ronaldo, started the Euro 2024 campaign very well in the group stage. They beat the Czech Republic and Turkey.

However, Portugal, who had dropped some defenders, succumbed 2-0 to unseeded Georgia.

It seems that the defeat against Georgia affected the confidence of the Portuguese players, despite their failure against the players in the second half.

Roberto Martinez's team, which already has talented players in every line and even this position, saw a failure in the training round.

They had to work hard to escape Slovakia and eventually fall into the hands of the French team.

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