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Portugal: a new government |  lepetitjournal.com

On March 23, 2022, in the evening, the formation of the new Portuguese government was announced. This new government will be invested on March 30th, so it will take over its duties at that time.

The Socialist Party won an absolute majority in the legislative elections last January

It should be noted that the early legislative elections took place at the end of January 2022. They were provoked by the rejection expressed by the elected representatives of the Portuguese Communist Party and the Portuguese Communist Party. esscirda block To support the state budget proposal for 2022. Antonio Costa, the outgoing prime minister, won an absolute majority in this election, a result interpreted as a strong sign of his legitimacy and his united position.

Promise of ‘tighter’ government

The representative of the Socialist Party had announced the need to reduce the number of government members. Promise Fulfilled: The Portuguese government will not have 19 ministries, but 17 ministries once the inauguration takes place on March 30, 2022. In addition, there will be no 50 ministers of state but 38 ministers in office.

The main reason for this change, cited by Antonio Costa, is that the government’s job is to be a recovery task force. In order to better target and better organize government work, reducing the number of ministries is the choice of the prime minister.

The new ministers, the remaining ministers, including those who change the ministry

The list includes 10 new members, including Jose Luis Carneiro at the Ministry of the Interior, Caterina Sarmiento y Castro at the Justice Department and Fernando Medina at the Ministry of Finance.

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Six ministers remain in office including Marta Temedo, Minister of Health or Mariana Vieira da Silva in the Ministry of the Presidency.
João Gómez Cravinho, the former defense minister will now be in charge of foreign affairs. It was Helena Carreras who headed the National Defense Institute, replacing him in his previous position.

9 ministers were excluded, including: Graça Fronseca in charge of the Ministry of Culture or Tiago Brandao Rodrigues in education. They will officially leave their duties on March 30, when Portugal’s 23rd constitutional government will be installed.

List of new government ministers

Ministry of National Defense: Helena Carreras
Ministry of Finance: Fernando Medina
Ministry of the Interior: Jose Luis Carneiro
Ministry of Justice: Catarina Sarmiento and Castro
Ministry of Health: Marta Temido
Ministry of Economy and the Sea: Antonio Costa Silva
Ministry of Culture: Pedro Adão Pereira
Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education: Elvira Fortunato
Ministry of Education: Joao Costa
Ministry of Environment and Climate Action: Jose Duarte Cordero
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: João Gomes Cravinho
Ministry of the Presidency: Mariana Vieira da Silva
Ministry of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security: Ana Mendes Godinho
Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing: Pedro Nuno Santos
Ministry of Agriculture and Food: Maria do Céu Antunes
Ministry of Regional Cohesion: I Abronhosa
Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Representative: Ana Catarina Mendes

The list of foreign ministers is known after the ministers are inaugurated.

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