Pont Mosson. Before the France-Portugal match, the Portuguese were confident of playing this particular match.

Pont Mosson. Before the France-Portugal match, the Portuguese were confident of playing this particular match.

For the French, choosing the favourite for the France-Portugal quarter-final poster seems like a fairly easy choice. But for dual nationals or even Portuguese living in France, it is a special encounter. Even more so in Pont-à-Mousson, which has a French-Portuguese association.

“Every time, the match tears us apart,” says Felipe Gomes Pinto. “Me, I’m French and Portuguese. Others are Portuguese and others are French. We’re always happy to have France and Portugal in major competitions.” But this year, with the pedigree of the French team, “we asked ourselves why France came second in their group,” the member laughs. “We didn’t want to at first. Then we did the calculations and saw that we would intersect at this stage of the competition. It’s a coincidence, at the Euros, we know it’s going to be complicated.”

Trust and transportation

The choice is not easy on Friday for Felipe. “I sweat a lot, but I tend to say that my heart is with Portugal. They remain two countries with cultures and lifestyles that we adapt to. These two countries respect each other.” If he leans towards the Lusitanian side, that is also for the players. “We know that this is the last Euro for Cristiano Ronaldo or Pepe. But we remain humble. I see the result as 2-1 for Portugal.”

There are also Portuguese in the federation, like Rui Pereira. He has lived and worked in Pont-à-Mousson for 15 years. For her part, the choice is a little simpler. “It's a match between the host country, where I'm very happy to be, and my country, which I love. I won't lie, I'll be completely behind Portugal. » He took the announcement of this match very well. Those around him are enjoying it. “I have a business, and I've been getting calls from my suppliers to pester me. People ask me how I'm going to deal with the defeat. I answer that we'll talk about it again the evening of the match! For me, we're going to beat France 3-0. »

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Enemies during the game

The France-Portugal match is an opportunity for the federation to come together to watch the game. During the last competitive encounter between the two teams, Roy saw the big picture. “In 2016, during the final, I organised a big barbecue at my house. Everyone was invited, French and Portuguese… It was a great time and we won [le Portugal avait remporté l’Euro 1-0 contre la France N.D.L.R.] “

But this year, Philippe and Roy will watch the match separately. “Normally, we organise a display of this poster at the association’s headquarters, but that won’t be possible this time,” confirms Philippe. He will watch the home match in his jersey and the Super Cup jersey. [une bière portugaise, N.D.L.R.] “. Just like Roy. “We'll watch the game with my son at home. We'll be enemies for the duration of the game, Friday night, with the French, but after that we'll be friends again.”

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