Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Over 10 million copies sold over the weekend

Although full portions of Bugs Some players complained, demanding refunds for the games Scarlet pokemon And the purple Just over 10 million copies were sold worldwide in just a few days.

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In a press releaseNintendo said it Scarlet pokemon And the purple It has since achieved “the highest worldwide sales of any software on any Nintendo platform in its first three days”. We remember that the game duo was released on November 18th.

This is an important record for Nintendo, far exceeding game launches Pokemon Sword And the shield in 2019. The latter sold 6 million units worldwide over the weekend.

Problems though Scarlet pokemon And the purpleAnd the The games have everything Pokemon fans are looking for. In addition to introducing a new generation of Pokémon, the open world that players are thrown into allows them to choose their own adventures and complete them in their own way. In addition, it is possible to go on an adventure with friends thanks to the multiplayer function.

Released November 18, Scarlet pokemon And the purple Available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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