Pokémon Crimson Violet: Definitely want this feature added!

Pokémon Crimson Violet: Definitely want this feature added!

With a few weeks behind them Pokémon scarlet and purple It attracted a lot of players and now that many of them have finished the story and are starting to dwell on secondary content What’s unlocked in the late Pokemon game.

Blitz on the map of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

You definitely noticed it but your map allows you to cross different raids On the world map, you can go there and defeat them with other players, if you have to go inside at least. Many players are reporting latency and latency issues before knowing that the raid is full in between.

These raids, however, are one of The best ways To advance in the post-game story or seek a simple challenge once your team is well assembled.

Many gamers swear by it only with his raids At the end of the game, the map lacks a super important feature for that.

Missing feature in Pokemon raids

A player on Reddit posted a suggestion that was caught Several thousand players And a broad idea began: add a raid star rank directly to the map.

The proposal was really met with incredible success and could have a place in the game, even more so with the difficulty that players can face before entering the raids.

newly freak game Let us know that they care about players’ feedback and do their best to make your user experience more enjoyable.

So we’ll have to wait a little longer to see how far Game Freak is ready to go to improve the new Pokémon Scarlet and Purple and if player suggestions will be taken into account.

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