POKÉMON ARCEUS LEGENDS Review – Nintendo Switch

Whether you’re a Pokémon fan or not, you have to admit that video games that follow each other often lack innovation and get the impression that you’re going in circles… well, with Pokemon Legends Arceus We tell ourselves that we will finally have a new proposal with some welcome freedom…

It’s always about catching a Pokémon in order to populate the Pokédex with the origins of the legend… In an open world, we thus develop into a world that can make you think at first sight of Zelda Breath of the Wild (without the graphic quality…).

Freedom of movement extends to the freedom to catch Pokemon on the fly and that’s cool! So hunting Pokemon is obviously more fun and immersive, as I find. And by catching these various and varied creatures, we will have to pacify the different kings in the open areas in succession. The playing field is fairly wide and we appreciate in every moment the freedom that the title provides.

But harvesting a Pokémon is not so simple in the sense that sometimes it will be necessary to hunt a specific Pokémon, even several times. We will have to use such an object, feed it this way, etc. All these challenges will increase our level of experience and there is also a strategic dimension in the gameplay with different ways to approach the quest of this or that type.

Many Pokéballs are available to us in order to catch our Pokémon in different ways: MassBall, PlumeBall, SuperBall, etc. Thus launched, each Pokéball will be more or less effective depending on the target Pokémon (ground, flying, water, etc..).

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The toolbox will allow us to collect and develop everything that allows us to hunt in the best conditions. At Bivouacs we can manage all this and especially comfort and take advantage of the point of fast travel.

Even if the Pokemon roams often like sheep on the map, we make use of many different types, main quests and suggested attachments that allow you to enjoy a good moment of gameplay in a world that is not open at the end but nonetheless offers some hidden things and places that sometimes hide surprises good.

Arceus Legends remains an exploration game that won’t present much of a challenge. As a result, it will satisfy a wide range of players and may be ideal for those new to the Pokémon world. Battles remain exciting and dynamic with the use of particularly fast or powerful modes.

Without distorting the concept of Pokémon video games, Pokémon Legends Arceus introduces a new dimension to licensing with this openness to the world and a more intuitive and immediate pursuit. If, of course, the game remains focused on capturing Pokémon, it is above all an adventure and exploration game that represents a perfect change of ideas. However, we would have liked a more successful investigation…

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