Pink Screens 2022 in Brussels: ask about the programme!

Pink Screens 2022 in Brussels: ask about the programme!

After Cineffable, Fortnight of Intersex Visibility and before the much-anticipated Chéries-Chéris Festival, strange cultural news was spreading in the direction of our Belgian neighbors! Indeed, the Pink Screens Festival in Brussels is back for its 21st edition, and its rich program of films of all kinds promises to keep November as it should.

homosexual existence

Among the films shown is QueerPalm 2022 Joy LandThe documentary will be released in cinemas at the end of the year Rebel dams that never stops making the festival tours, the already released films that led up to the event (Little Nature, you just want me…), a tribute to the recent film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, fightingreleased in 1982, and countless other films, documentaries, short films, and conferences on anomalous existence that all promise to be unique!

And as if that weren’t enough, Pink Screens takes the opportunity to honor one of our most talented artists today: enigmatic Portuguese director Joao Pedro Rodriguez. Often accompanied by her husband Joao Rui Guerra da Mata, Rodrigues has over the years become one of the most unique voices in gay cinema worldwide, going from film to portraying an exciting and dark vision of human relationships. To put his work in the spotlight, Pink Screens will present screenings of his six feature films (including his most recent, A phosphorescent light that hovers or floats at night on the swampy grounda wonderful and innovative musical), some 35mm in size, in addition to his various short films, an exhibition, and a master course in his presence.

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around the world

This world cinema tour does not stop there, because the selection will proceed from a love story between two immigrants in Mexico (I carry you with me(To the Spiritual Construction of a Teenager on Native American Reserves)brutalityAcross Lebanon and its heavy metal singersSirenand Brazil, where three friends remember those from whom AIDS took them.Three sad tigers).

In addition to all this, the festival also offers a delicious selection called “Hot my god”, which as you will understand will tackle the often complex relationships between religion and gay people interested in it.

Fantastic eclectic panorama, that lives up to what the Belgian festival has been used to for years. Spanning 10 days, from November 10 to 19, the festival is a new opportunity to support brave and daring artists, at the service of an often highly marginalized art.

Pink screens, November 10-19, in Brussels. All the information is here.

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