Pink Floyd, Marian Faithfull, David Bowie, Nirvana…

🎧 The Great Party In The Sky – Pink Floyd

A track straight from their album “Dark Side Of the Moon”. kind of scam. It’s 1973. Pink Floyd is everywhere. Time to release their movie “Live At Pompeii”, they are having a hard time finding a fairly quiet moment together to discuss their future album, then finally in Camden in Nick Mason’s kitchen (Pink Floyd drummer) they manage to find each other and put on the table themes What will become the dark side. Roger Waters (singer) is finally left with a list as long as his arm of sketches, scraps of ideas that he will be able to work on and write on. It’s about deadlines, travel, phobias about flying, the temptation of money, and the fear of death. The concept of the album spans the whole of 1972.


A title that will be found on their new and future album “Doggerel” which will be released on September 30. For all those who are impatient and already want more clues, the California rock band has released a short behind-the-scenes documentary on taping. Unpublished photos as we delve into the intimacy to create this album.

🎧 In My Bed – Laura Kahn

🎧 AKO – Villa Koti

1970 and his recorded sessions in Los Angeles in 1969. The Nigerian singer, saxophonist, and conductor has long been considered the inventor of the Afrobeat which can be described as a blend of African-American elements of funk, jazz, West African music, traditional Nigerian music, and Yoruba rhythms.

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🎧 Shells – Marianne FAITHFULL

Brazilian author, composer, singer and producer comes to reassure us with his new album “Mil coisas invisiveis”, understood in Portuguese as “1000 invisible things”. It brings us happiness, bliss and tranquility. It’s been 4 years since his debut album “Recomencar” which inspired him from the end of a love but there everything becomes possible again, everything becomes light again. He wrote this disc with awesome elegance on the road to tours with his other group O Terno, an indie-Tropia formation.

🎧 Money Bar – Marie Fleur

Marie Fleur and her album I Don’t Know If It’s Alright. The French pop songwriter continues to enjoy the act of stabilizing. You still don’t tend to be gentle with the male gender that you love to hang out with.

🎧 Jan 31 – Georgia

A fictional history featured on his latest album ’25’ which was released in 2018. He shared this piece with ex-Her group member Victor Solve and also shared with him one of his sessions elsewhere. A symbolic date in which Giorgio imagined burying his youth, the sequel would only be more beautiful. This is how it looks on the cover. So it is death as much as life. Giorgio was then 25 years old, a quarter of a century which made him think about his past and his future. A laxative album in which he searches for himself.

🎧 The Man Who Sold The World – Nirvana

Bowie wrote it in 1970 and almost 30 years later he’ll be saying about this song he composed because he was looking for a part. For him, she was a symbol of the way we felt when we were young and that a part of ourselves no longer existed. It’s the part of this period of life where we need to discover who we really are.

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🎧 These days – CAT POWER

Cover of a song by American rock poet Jackson Brown written when he was 16. A song that evokes regret and loss of love. Cat Power says that when the people you love are taken away from you, there is always a song that keeps their memory in your mind. This is how she especially dedicated in the song “I’ll See You” the cover of Billie Holiday to Philip Zadar, her friend who has disappeared.


Winner of last year’s Francophiles Building Sites, and nominated for this year’s Victoires de la Musique Prize in the Male Revelation category, he’s slowly but surely carving his place in the French music scene with this project called “Chien Noir” in the blink of an eye. Stevenson’s Pirate Treasure Island. He says he’s between Sovgan Stevens and Kanye West. Parallel to his solo career, he composed and co-wrote with Bertrand Bellin, notably for Vanessa Paradis. He has an album in the works slated for release in 2023.


Title revised and corrected by Arnaud Reputini. This was the leitmotif of the movie 120 BPM by Robin Campello to which the electric producer signed the soundtrack. Then we go back to the ’80s and ’90s with this song that became an anthem, a banner for gay culture. Here is a boy who is a victim of homophobia and loneliness, who is misunderstood by his family. It is a piece that will resonate tremendously, and will transcend the borders of England.

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🎧 Heroes – David Bowie

Title published in 1977, Imagine it with partner Brian Eno. Boy in the middle of the Berlin period. The story goes that one day he would see one of his maids, Antonia Maas, kiss his producer Tony Visconti near the Berlin Wall. He could have been the inspiration for this song.

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