Personalization, privacy, notifications… here are all the new features

Android 13 includes many new features. The most important ones are summarized in this article: Notifications now work in subscription status and Monet can be applied to third-party codes.

That’s all Google officially just introduced during Google I / O . Conference On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, the new features of Android 13 beta 2. We evaluate the most interesting features.

More control over privacy and notifications

The most massive grandmother from Android 13 Regarding notifications. From now on, the app will have to ask your permission before showering with little incentives to visit it. Thus, we are moving from the opt-out logic (you opt-out automatically and you must deactivate notifications) to opt-in (you must agree to be subject to notifications). A real revolution and we hope a real time saver on a daily basis.

In the face of iOS 15 and iPhone, Android is often accused of being less respectful of you Private life. So Android 13 logically emphasized this sensitive point.

Android 12 Android 13 has already focused a lot on privacy, and wants to go a little further by adding some interesting options. The first is pretty simple: even now, when you give an app permission to access your files, you can’t really filter out the exposed data. Android 13 will now separate access to your local files into two parts:Pictures and videos” And “Music and soundThat way, an app that handles audio, for example, won’t be able to access your Montargis vacation photos.

Still in the permissions area, Android 13 will reduce the number of apps that can access your location. Also, your clipboard history will be cleared regularly, to prevent apps from accessing sensitive information.

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Android 13 beta 2: personalization, privacy, notifications & # 8230;  Here's all the news

To finish off the security aspect, Android 13 includes a new menu entirely dedicated to this which tells you at a glance if you have a problem in this area.


Needless to say, the novelty that made the biggest impression in Android 12 is Material You and its Monet system, which allows colors to be adapted to the wallpaper. Google is well aware of this.

Android 13 beta 2: personalization, privacy, notifications & # 8230;  Here's all the news

So Mountain View decided to solve the main problem of Monet: Now, applications that do not belong to the Google group will be able to take advantage of this color customization. The result is straightforward: a more consistent and aesthetic welcome screen.

Android 13 beta 2: personalization, privacy, notifications & # 8230;  Here's all the news

Media control has also been revised to further personalize the experience. You will now be able to enjoy the cover of the album you are listening to.

Another small niche asset: each app will eventually be able to work in a different language, pre-selected by the user. For example, if you are communicating in English with your loved ones, but you speak French at work, you can decide that your personal communication app works in English and the work app is in French.

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