Patent 2023: Subject: Geographical History and Science of North America

Patent 2023: Subject: Geographical History and Science of North America

Below are the materials offered to middle school students (Brevet des Collèges 2023) at examination centers in North America. After passing French and Mathematics on May 31, the last two exams were passed on Thursday June 1, 2023. Students from the Colleges Metropolitan France will take their written exams on Monday, June 26 and Tuesday, June 27. More information here on 2023 patent dates and times.

Geo History theme – DNB 2023

date : Civilians and Soldiers in the First World War

Document: Letters from Felix DeLaurat*, combatant of the Great War


geography: Production spaces and their development

1. Built development

In the form of an evolving development of about twenty lines, you will describe and explain, at different levels, the functioning and dynamics of the French productive space studied in the classroom in the face of globalization.

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Science Subject – DNB 2023: Physics, Chemistry and SVT

Physical Chemistry: 400m Olympic Event

The 400-meter sprint is one of the most important events in Olympic athletics. Riders go through the first corner, followed by a second and final straight before the finish. They have to stay in their lane completely.

To compensate for differences in distances covered depending on whether the athlete is on or off the track, the starting lines are alternated as shown in the following figure.


SVT – corn cultivation

A farmer seeks to improve corn field production. Corn plants are less productive in some places. We seek to find an explanation for this phenomenon.

Document 1 – Schematic diagram of the equilibrium of production, transport and storage of organic matter in a stalk of mature maize.

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