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Messaging app and property of the American giant, deadAnd The WhatsAppRecently, it has featured many new features offered to its users. Among the latter are communities, which will allow users not only to communicate privately with friends and family, as before, but also to participate in larger discussion groups. Besides the Communities feature, there is also the ability to hide the ‘Watched’ status of specific contacts which will be available to IOS users.

Ability to communicate with their customers on 10 devices

WhatsApp still comes with another novelty, but it is aimed at businesses. According to the site information WaBetaInfoIt is already a paid subscription to the messaging service of the latter which will allow employees to chat with their customers on a larger number of devices. Thus, they will be able to communicate with their customers on 10 devices, all with the same WhatsApp account. Moreover, when this version is released, it will not have any impact on other users of the free platform. The paid subscription will only be available in the app whatsapp business Dedicated to companies.

Note that WaBetaInfo has not provided any information on the release date of the new version. same prices. As a reminder, Meta announced on its social network blog on April 14, 2022 its vision for the Communities. “Some structures, such as schools, local associations or non-profit organizations, now rely on WhatsApp to communicate securely and organize themselves. (…) In light of the many comments we have received, we believe more can be done to help you manage discussions within these groups more easily. “ Can we read in particular in the blog.

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