Out, Russian diplomats!

It is impossible to maintain normal political relations with criminals. Russia’s leaders should now be considered criminals.

The war in Ukraine is not a just war, but a war of annexation justified by vague theories and false threats. Contrary to Russian claims, Ukraine is not in the hands of the Nazis, Ukrainians are not Russians, and no country threatens Russia’s territorial integrity. However, these fabrications and the attack on Ukraine do not make Russian leaders war criminals.

There is also the way. This is where war crimes begin.

In almost all wars, barbaric acts that fall under the category of war crimes are committed by armed units on both sides.

However, these crimes generally do not involve the responsibility of the leaders of the states, but rather the responsibility of those who commit them and the responsibility of their immediate superiors.

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Putin asked

Unfortunately, Putin and his gang have ordered the Russian military to commit war crimes. In fact, Putin even bragged about it, a glass of champagne in his hand.

He tried to downplay it by pointing to a water cut allegedly imposed by the Ukrainian army on a city in southern Ukraine under Russian occupation. It’s a double fault.

On the one hand, according to a well-known principle of justice, the barbaric actions of her enemies do not justify her actions. After that, Russia is the aggressor, and the extreme measures of the Ukrainian army can be seen as desperate acts of self-defense.

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Putin is unable to win the war in Ukraine with a conventional army. So he decided to attack the civilian population directly. Unarmed people do not directly threaten Russian soldiers.

In the middle of winter, he decided to deprive them of running water and electricity. He decided to destroy civilian buildings, such as hospitals and schools.

Such destruction does not advance the Russian army. On the contrary, they stimulate the Ukrainian population.

I hope in 2023

Putin’s deliberate bombing of civilian targets is not an act of war aimed at winning battles. They look like gestures of revenge and spite. These are war crimes. This turns Putin and his government into war criminals.

No government should have normal relations with them anymore, because they are criminals.

The first thing to do is to reduce diplomatic relations with Russia to a minimum.

Canada should lead by example and demand that the number of Russian diplomats stationed in the country be kept to a minimum until Putin’s government falls.

Exit Russian diplomats!

Let’s give ourselves this gift in 2023.

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