Opening of the Nimes-Porto air line: a guaranteed success for the French Consul in Portugal

Opening of the Nimes-Porto air line: a guaranteed success for the French Consul in Portugal

Since Thursday, April 13, a delegation from Nîmes has been in Porto to promote the destination of Nîmes, following the opening of a new airline between the two cities. The Honorary Consul of France in the second Portuguese city participated in the on-site press conference held by elected officials and institutions from Gard on Friday, April 14.

Over a squeezed orange on Friday morning, in a cozy lounge at the Maison Albar hotel in Porto, Manuel de Noves Cabral, France’s honorary consul in Portugal, welcomed the initiative.

There were 16 of them – elected officials and institutions from the Gard – who made the special trip here to ensure that morning they promoted to the press the new Nimes-Porto air line that had been officially opened the day before and had been created at the impetus of Edes.

Guaranteed success

For Manuel de Noves Cabral, the success of the latest commercial route at Nimes Grande Provence Mediterranean Airport already seems assured.

In 2022, the French overtook the Spanish. They are now the largest number of foreign visitors residing in Portugal. The country is home to between 70 and 80 thousand French people and, for many, is located in the north of the country. “, says the person responsible for ensuring assistance and protection for French citizens and their interests in the Porto area.

For the honorary consul of France, there is no doubt that Tripyrus (Understand “tripe eaters, the nickname given by the people of Porto) They will be attracted by the tourist destination of Nîmes, its Roman heritage, its landscapes and its pleasant way of life, but also its Mediterranean climate, which is now just a stumbling block.” A throw away – or rather a 2h10 trip – from their city.

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University twinning

Porto is the main city of several Portuguese wine regions: Vinhos Verdes, Vinhos do Douro… The Portuguese are great wine lovers and vine lovers. Like nim! “Recalls the person who discovered the city of Antonin after a long road trip, at the age of thirteen, and who keeps an indelible memory of it intact. Manuel de Novais Cabral will soon return to Nîmes, that is for sure.”But by air this time! “, He laughs.

Porto has the largest student population in the country before Lisbon. “With about 5,000 students enrolled, not counting foreign students, especially in the field of health is where the University of Porto shines “, Details of the person who will witness a university twinning between Porto and Nimes. Therefore, a tangible and lively twinning, unlike the classic twinning,”Often empty shells! notes Manuel de Novais Cabras.

A nice prospect, perhaps one day it will come to fruition, thanks to this new air link that has finally seen the light between the two cities.

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