On Whatsapp, you will soon be able to create your own avatar using artificial intelligence

On Whatsapp, you will soon be able to create your own avatar using artificial intelligence

Messaging app Whatsapp is reportedly working on a feature to create custom avatars generated by AI. At the moment, no release date has been announced.

Avatars created by artificial intelligence (AI). That's the new ambition of Meta-owned messaging app WhatsApp, according to a report. Information from WABetaInfo.

The site has discovered, in the new beta version of the WhatsApp application for Android, a new artificial intelligence feature under development. Concretely, it will allow users to create custom avatars using artificial intelligence.

To do this, users must take photos of themselves which will then be used by Meta AI as reference shots to train the model to produce similar images.

Confidentiality guarantee

The user then has two options. Either type “imagine me” with a description of the context directly to Meta AI, or type “@Meta AI imagine me” directly into a Whatsapp conversation, and that’s it. The AI ​​then creates an avatar of the internet user in the forest or even in space.

The feature is not required. Only users who enable it manually in Whatsapp settings will be able to access it.

According to WABetInfo, the images used by Meta IA can be deleted at any time from the settings. The AI ​​tool also cannot read the user's private conversations. It is enough to ensure the confidentiality of user data.

At the moment, the option has not been made official by Meta. Therefore, no release date has been announced.

Many companies in this field

Whatsapp isn’t the only company working on AI-generated avatars. In recent months, more and more tech giants have entered the field.

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The latest example is with Tiktok. Last June, the short-video social network unveiled an AI tool to allow brands and influencers to create avatars for advertising campaigns on the Chinese social network.

During the same period, Eric Yuan, the founder of Zoom, announced his desire to develop AI-powered avatars to participate in meetings on your behalf or even make calls.

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