on video | “This guy was walking around and he pulled me in,” says a girl who survived the kidnapping.

Security camera footage released this week shows the moment a 6-year-old girl escapes from her attacker while trying to kidnap her outside her home in Ohio, US, according to the New York Post.

The little girl was taking out the trash when Derek McPherson, 33, grabbed her by the arm.

Fortunately, she was able to free herself and then went home to warn her parents.

“This guy was walking by and touching me and pulling me in,” the girl said on ABC Good Morning America.

“He let me go because I screamed,” she added.

Upon hearing the news, his father, Ricky Nash, jumped in his car and followed Mr. McPherson.

“I felt so relieved when his hands were tied,” he said.

Derek McPherson was arrested Wednesday and charged with kidnapping and sexual imposition.

He is currently being held in Butler County Jail in Ohio.

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