on video | Kayak rescue after a small plane crash

on video |  Kayak rescue after a small plane crash

A female police officer’s body video captures footage of a pilot’s kayak rescue from a small plane that crashed into a frozen lake.

The accident occurred in the frozen Byrds Creek on Monday in Maryland, United States.

Police Officer Elizabeth Myers launched her boat around 10:36 a.m. to help the victims. Two citizens were also present at the site to assist in the rescue operation.

County officers said the two men rode the victim on their kayak, before transferring him to a police boat.

According to Maryland Police, the injured pilot, identified as Steve Coachman, 71, of Prince Frederick, was taken by ambulance to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment.

A few moments after take-off, the aircraft had an engine failure.

The pilot, the only passenger, escaped from the cockpit and stood on the wing as the plane sank. Once the kayaks were close enough, Mr. Coachman was able to hold onto one to keep him afloat.

No kayakers were injured during the rescue.

Anne Arundel County Fire Department officials said the pilot’s injuries were not life-threatening.

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