On Instagram, you can now start live videos for just your closest friends

On Instagram, you can now start live videos for just your closest friends

Thanks to the new Close Friends on Live function on Instagram, it is now possible to broadcast live videos only to close friends, and not to all your subscribers.

Since 2016, Instagram has allowed its users to broadcast live on their accounts. Problem: All of these broadcasts were public, meaning all subscribers could access them. It is a function that has been a great success with celebrities and influencers, but on the other hand it may hinder users who are reluctant to reveal themselves to a large audience. The issue has now been resolved because since June 20, it is now possible to make these broadcasts private by reserving them for close friends. This new function, called Close Friends on Live, lets you do just that Enhancing the private and intimate aspect of the platform. Useful for asking advice on your outfits or chatting in real time with your loved ones!

Close Friends live On Instagram: Live videos are reserved for close friends

When a live broadcast begins, the social network warns the user that his close friends will receive a notification. Enough to provide better control over your audience. This new functionality should appeal to both everyday users and influencers who don't necessarily want to do a public broadcast. To use it, simply open the live feature – by tapping and selecting the + icon at the bottom of the screen – and then choosing “Close Friends” from the drop-down menu.

The launch of this new option is a continuation of Instagram's efforts to promote more private and personal interactions on its platform. At the end of 2022, the social network introduced the Notes application in order to share temporary statuses composed of text and emojis with close friends. Since last November, the social network has also allowed you to publish content, such as stories and clips, only to your restricted circle.

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