November 5 and 6 results

November 5 and 6 results

Every beginning of the week, look up the sports results of the city of Amiens.

Gazette Sports has compiled for you all the results of the sporting events that took place this weekend at the Amiens Métropole.

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football : Amiens (B) 2 – 1 United States Femi. Very quickly, the Amiens SC Reserve knew how to get the US Vimy back for the win.

Weight lifting : to get The second day of the N2 Weightlifting Championshipclub Sallux received Serge Pontoise and Lille.

roller hockey : Green Hawks 6 – 3 Vikings. Pont de Metz won at home during Sixth day of N1.

roller hockey : 4-5 squirrels (TAB) pirate. Amiens lost on penalties in a high-level duel.

volleyball : AMVB 2 – 3 Reims. At the Colosseum, Amiens received the undefeated leader of the elite of men. After a high-flying match, AMVB was beaten on the wires in front of an ever-growing audience.

Basketball : ESCLAMS 87-96 Chauny. After a setback at Lambersart and under 3-point baskets from Axonian duo Gavrel – De Freitas, Longueau fell into first time at home.


Management : Amiens welcome new Edition of racing 4 seasons FromAmiens Metropolis.

Football : Arsi Amiens 12-11 Anthony Metro 92. For his return to Charassain Stadium, Amiens snatched the second victory in his first season at Federal 2.

volleyball : LAMVB 3 – 1 Marcq-en-Baroeul : Longueau Amiens women won in four sets against Marcq-en-Barœul and retained first place in N2.

football : Aille-sur-Som – FCPPA 0-4. Porto has made Amiens all its collective qualities speak for itself to establish itself largely abroad.

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football : United States Camon 3 – 4 Castle. American Camon held the task before yielding last moments in R1.

football : USA Camon (B) 4 – 3 Villeneuve Saint-Germain. The American Camon Reserve won with difficulty, for the sixth day of Regional 3.

football : RC Amiens 3 – 3 Montdidier. Captive RC Amiens loses his R3 group leader status.

football : AC Amiens (b) 2 – 2 St-Valery. Different scenario but similar frustration For Amiens reserve after its draw in the 3rd round against Saint Valery.

football (g) : Amiens women won against Hénin-Beaumont while Longueau collapsed at Pont Sainte Maxence.

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