Norovirus cases?: Nearly 300 passengers fell ill after a cruise

Norovirus cases?: Nearly 300 passengers fell ill after a cruise

An investigation was launched after nearly 300 people fell ill on the cruise, according to information from “The Hill”.

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The Ruby Princess, who recently arrived in Galveston, Texas, reported that 284 passengers along with 34 crew members have contracted the disease. There were 2,881 people on board, including 1,159 employees. The boat came from the Caribbean and Mexico.

The patients had symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. However, no cause has been identified, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In a statement, Princess Cruises, of which Ruby Princess is a part, believes the likely cause is norovirus, a contagious virus that can cause severe inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

According to the company, a series of sanitation measures have been taken to try to limit the spread of the virus. The ship was also cleared in Galveston before departing for another cruise during the week of 5 March.

Reports of patients have also been reported to new travelers.

More cases of norovirus have been reported in the United States, showing a previous increase compared to the previous season. Cases usually occur between November and April.

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