Norman Reedus survives Death Stranding sequel

Norman Reedus survives Death Stranding sequel

One of the main aspects of Death Stranding’s masterpiece is the close collaboration with actor Norman Reedus, who plays the main character. Although there is no official announcement yet for a sequel to Hideo Kojima, it appears that Norman Reedus has backed down in an interview about a sequel in development.

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He is in an interview with Leo It looks like this actor Norman Reedus has poured the beans about a sequel to Death Stranding. The interview revolves mostly around Reedus’ TV projects, but when the interviewer mentions Death Stranding, Reedus answers:

We just started the second.

Did he accidentally leak or was he allowed to mention that a sequel is in development? We’ll see if there’s a reaction from Kojima Productions in the coming days. The interview is also interesting and tells how director Guillermo recommended Del Toro to take part in the first Death Stranding with Hideo Kojima.

Screenshot from Death Stranding by RDS Video Games

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