Nichols photo arrest: ‘unimaginable’ according to retired inspector

Nichols photo arrest: ‘unimaginable’ according to retired inspector

The publication of the video of Tyre Nichols’ violent arrest in the United States sparked reactions even in Quebec regarding the police’s conduct in their intervention.

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In an interview with LCN, retired inspector André Durocher said he was outraged by the police intervention.

“It’s an anthology piece about what not to do in a police intervention,” he explains. Even when we are in a situation where we have to shoot an individual, the first thing we will do is address them. There is the police, but it is also the paramedics and firefighters who it was a long time before there was an intervention.

According to him, there is a “flagrant” lack of training for police officers in the United States.

“What came to me was that someone was kept handcuffed for about twenty minutes, sitting on the floor,” he says. And we see that the police around him seem busier taking their text messages. It’s unimaginable.”

Training and supervising Canadian police officers would make such a scene north of the US border unlikely.

“A police intervention is never elegant, it is never pretty, but at least it can be done according to the rules of the art,” says a retired SPVM inspector. I can’t say it would be impossible to see a scene like this happen in Canada, but it is very unlikely to happen for a number of reasons, including training and oversight.”

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Mr. Durocher, however, believes that the Memphis police did the right thing by making the video of the intervention public.

“I salute the Memphis police who released the video,” he said. It takes a lot of courage. Perhaps they wanted to reduce tensions and show that they had nothing to hide.

Memphis police also dismantled the SCORPION team that staffed several of the police officers involved in the fatal arrest.

“Private teams like this have their raison d’etre,” Mr. Durocher explains, “except they require very strict oversight and oversight.” Because the cops we put on them aren’t afraid to act.

According to him, this is again the right decision, which was made by the Memphis police.

He continues, “It took repressive policing, but you have to be able to control these people. There were many cops, but no one took the initiative to say enough was enough. So I think in the circumstances, the Memphis police had no choice.” Only cancel this band.”

Watch the full interview with Mr. Durocher in the video above

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