Neymar and Mbappe show the way, a contrasting evening for Donnarumma… the notes of the Parisians against Juventus Turin

The Parisians ratified their first European event. In a warm atmosphere at the Parc des Princes, Paris Saint-Germain beat Juventus to enter the Champions League on Tuesday 6 September (2-1). Double-scorer, Kylian Mbappe, is particularly articulated, like fellow striker Neymar, in all the right moves.

Gianluigi Donnarumma: 5.5/10

The Parisian doorman blew hot and cold against the Turiners. Reassuring in his first shots, the Italian set the tone by sending off Arcadiusz Milik’s header (19), Juventus’ first big chance, and grabbing a powerful shot for Philippe Kostik on the way back from the locker room. In the second half, he saved his people from a great title with a chance from Vlahovic (56th place) and a double stop at the end of the match (80). But he misjudged the situation regarding reducing the Torino gap, for which he is clearly responsible, by leaving at the wrong time (53rd place).

Sergio Ramos: 4.5/10

Like his two friends in central defence, the Spaniard didn’t have much to do in the first period, before Juventus quickened their pace after returning from the dressing room. He mishandled Arkadiusz Milik’s pointing first in Turin (18) and was the first warning from the Parisian side after being confused with Leandro Paredes (25th place). It was the corner kick that reduced the Italian difference (53rd place).

Marquinhos: 5.5/10

Little demand in the first period as the entire defensive line, the Paris captain at times left too much space for Dusan Vlahovic behind his back. She was too short to help Sergio Ramos clear the ball which resulted in a crucial corner kick for Juventus (53rd place). Then it was he who re-mobilized the troops until the final whistle so that the Parisians kept their favour.

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Presnel Kimpembe: 5.5/10

Soled, the French defender held his rank during the first season, before facing a complicated comeback from the locker room. And he was beaten in the air fencing on the equalizing goal of Winston McKinney (53rd place). But he was there to lay his foot and head and clean up his camp during the Turin rush of about an hour.

Achraf Hakimi: 6/10

The young Moroccan took a few minutes to get into the match, but quickly raised the bar. After a very good call in the back of the defense, Kylian Mbappe sent for the second Parisian goal (22). Like the rest of the Parisian eleven, he died gradually in the second half. He was replaced by Nurdi Mukele (78).

Nuno Mendes: 5.5/10

The Portuguese started aggressive on his left side, very strong. His frequent tours energized the Parisian attack, and he exchanged a lot with Neymar, often when receiving his crosses. Then he slowed down and pulled his leg back to defense after the break.

Marco Verratti: 6/10

The Italian pocket line player fought the entire match to recover balls lost by his teammates. Always helpful in recovery, it didn’t shine beyond measure, but it was effective. His good relationship with Vitinha continues to grow. He was warned an hour after an error occurred on Adrien Rabiot. He was replaced by Renato Sanchez (87).

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Vitania: 7/10

In his first European game for Paris Saint-Germain, the young Portuguese midfielder produced a very good version. While his tenure was in doubt after his injury against Nantes on Saturday, Vitinha impressed. His relationship and combinations with Marco Verratti made the difference in midfield. He was one of the few who tried from afar, but to no avail. He was replaced by Danilo Pereira (78).

Lionel Messi: 5/10

Perhaps it was the relative disappointment of the evening. A little farther from his fellow strikers, Lionel Messi was less well known. Well seen by the Italian defense, the Argentine struggled to develop his game and find his partners. He played a slightly larger role in the second half, serving Kylian Mbappe at the rear. Replaced in 83, for workforce rotation, by Carlos Soler (84)His first appearance with Paris Saint-Germain.

Kylian Mbappe: 7/10

The French striker was one of the elements of the Parisian victory. A double composer, Kylian Mbappe gave a convincing performance. He managed to score two goals, both from volleyball, and made the Italian defense suffer as he accelerated into the depth. But the Bondi native also erred for individualism, forgetting Neymar alone in the area (51st).

Neymar: 7.5/10

In keeping with his very good start to the season, Neymar shone in the Parc des Princes on Tuesday evening. Stirring from the first minutes, he made a crucial pass for Mbappe in the opening match (sixth). It was ubiquitous in construction but also in recovery, and then faded a bit after the break. But he was invaluable in combination with Lionel Messi (64). Found the Torino goalkeeper by chance at the end of the match (89).

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