New live December 8th with 12 parsecs, Vincent Luquez and Obi Yan!

New live December 8th with 12 parsecs, Vincent Luquez and Obi Yan!

12- Columnist specializing in astronomy parsecparseced Mag Futura Vincent LuccheseVincent Lucchese and the YoutubeYoutube Obi Yan (Nuclear Specialist) invites you to meet on Thursday, December 8th at 9 pm 12 leagues youtube channel For an exceptional and fascinating exchange on nuclear energy, physicalphysical And space! Topics you can find in the new issue of Mag Futura.

On the occasion of the release of the new paperback issue, Futura has surrounded itself with the best contributors. Among them is videographer Jan Besnard, director and creator of the channel YouTubeYouTube “12 parsecs”. if it was Mag Futura It will mainly deal with two main topical issues, namely nuclear power andSouth PoleSouth PoleMany of the contents will be devoted to scientific reflection and critical thinking, including topics in astronomy with Yann Besnard covering the facts of the mission. ArrowArrowCan we avoid a collision?asteroidasteroid ? This is indeed the main corner of the young man, who approaches his 200,000 subscribers with various topics revolving around space and pop culture.

During this live broadcast, the question will be for the three friends to touch on the many topics dedicated to space, but also the nuclear issues of the coming years. We’ll also explore the links between space and nuclear. In fact, nuclear reactors can be used in productionenergyenergy For future colonies on Mars or on the moonthe moon When the solar power goes out. Several investigations and roverrover already used GeneratorsGenerators Electrothermal is a radioisotope, and thus relies on nuclear physics. We can noticeably mention the probe new Horizonsnew Horizons for PlutoPluto And the rover Curiosity ofCuriosity of On Mars derives its energy from the radioactive decay of plutoniumplutonium. So we will be exploring all these questions and many more topics during this live broadcast…

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An exchange that promises to be exciting!

An unprecedented live broadcast that promises to be exciting, this Thursday, December 8, at 9 pm, on the 12 Parsecs YouTube channel!

Mag Futura, imminent release!

The launch of the Futura paper magazine is fast approaching, and thanks to a crowdfunding campaign launched at the beginning of last November, nearly 1,400 pre-sales have already taken place. Thank you for your support and words of encouragement. You can still participate and Get your number on the Ulule Project pageand learn more about the major scientific challenges that will pass in 2022!

The last days to pre-order Mag ‘Futura

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