New detention extension for controversial influencer Andrew Tate

New detention extension for controversial influencer Andrew Tate

Romanian justice extended, on Wednesday, at the request of the prosecution, the pretrial detention of the American-British influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan, who were arrested at the end of December in a pimping case.

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“We are silent,” Mattia Petrescu, a spokeswoman for the two men, told a group of journalists who confirmed the decision, which is valid for an additional 30 days.

Under the Romanian legal system, this pretrial detention can be extended to a maximum of 180 days, before a possible indictment.

Thirties in their 30s continue to deny the charges against them.

They are particularly suspected of recruiting “several victims including minors” for the purpose of “sexual exploitation”, according to the Prosecutor’s Office in Charge of Organized Crime (DIICOT).

Prosecutors said the brothers deceived them, making out with their feelings, before forcing them into prostitution and producing pornographic films.

Andrew Tate, a former British-American kickboxer with millions of subscribers online who promotes masculine dissertations, has been suspended in the past from several social networks due to his misogynistic comments.

His Twitter account, which now has 5.4 million subscribers, was restored when billionaire Elon Musk bought the social network. He formulates his advice to men to help them get rich.

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