The Service to companies and recognition of prior learning and skills (SAE-RAC) from Vallée-des-Tisserands . School Service Center (CSSVT) has had a facelift: a recent image of the brand now accompanies its new website.

CSSVT’s SAE-RAC has been offering various training courses in the area since 1977. Despite the rapid development of web platforms and online information consumption, SAE-RAC has never had the opportunity to develop a space there.

“It is no longer a secret: websites are the preferred gateway to connect with the community and disseminate our training. We are very pleased to finally be on the web and to be able to offer the scope of our offer to businesses and citizens in the region,” said Sabrina Proulx-Latour, Business Services Coordinator, Recognition of Prior Learning and Skills .

Website for companies and citizens

So discussions began in the winter of 2020 to design a platform that meets the information needs of businesses and citizens. SAE-RAC also wanted to revise its brand image, in order to get closer to the reality of questioning users who need these services.

“We are targeting a large audience made up of adults seeking professional development or renewal. Our big challenge was to find the right words to define our entire offer, because with so many courses available in very diverse formats and sectors of activity, we had to move from an editorial team Still joining all our users, Prolux Latour.

Somewhat affected by the pandemic and a slowdown in certain activities, discussions and several brainstorming sessions borne fruit at the end of last spring, resulting in the first version of CSSVT’s SAE-RAC website.

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New website, new photo, new logo

The new platform is signed by the team of Zel, the well-known communications agency in the region, is very easy to use and offers a modern signature to the brand in a dynamic and upscale atmosphere.

It was also necessary to think about renewing the visual identity of the business service while maintaining a certain homogeneity with that of the SSC and grafting the RAC national emblem to it. It turns out that blue and green are the shades that harmonize best with the desired combination. A touch of yellow gold has also been added to the SAE logo, as a nod to the idea of ​​light, to the eureka, in line with the logos Light up your skills and shine your skills.

Now get to know his environment

Summer vacation is often a good time to explore other career paths, consider going back to school or updating certain skills, or planning workforce development for the upcoming season.

The Service to companies and recognition of prior learning and skills It therefore invites the regional community to discover its complete training offer dedicated to citizens and businesses, and then learn about its environment in


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