New color for cm condition

New color for cm condition

Via the Japanese branch of Cooler Master, we learned that the brand’s Silencio S400 is available in white. And as a reminder, the Silencio series is a line of boxes oriented towards silence with a front door and a sober and refined design!

Silencio S400: here it comes in white!

With this new version, the brand highlights a small tower case measuring 210 (W) x 418 (D) x 408 (H) mm.

Internally, there will be enough space to install the motherboard in coordination Micro ATX mostly. Otherwise, we will have 319 mm in length for the graphics card and up to 167/166 mm for the cooler CPU. The steel plate model allows for the installation of a larger cooler. Finally, on the power side we have between 166mm and 325mm, it depends if we keep the cage or not hard drives In the foreground!

In terms of storage, we find a 5.25″ slot in addition to four 3.5″/2.5″ slots.

For cooling, we have two 120mm CF120 fans as standard. Otherwise, there are two holes at 120/140 mm in front, the same on top. At the back, it’s classic: just 120mm. Obviously, all this does not help compatibility with radiators water cooling Since we’re limited to 280mm at the front and given a 5.25 bore clearance requirement. Ditto at the top, if you want to install a 240mm radiator you will have to remove the location Sustainable Development Goals (optical drive).

Currently, we do not have information on selling prices. However, we imagine it will be quite similar to the black version that you can find above.

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Here is the technical sheet of Cooler Master (Japan)!

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