Never do this with a Sony console or you will destroy it

Interested in your PS4? We advise you not to follow this bad habit that many players have. It could destroy your console in the long run.

When the PS4 takes off…

If you love AAA, you know how often these extraordinary games can Push your PS4 to its limits. Gamers who own a fat PS4 and not a PS4 Pro have undoubtedly discovered that the console can act as a cooler by spinning God of WarAnd the Forbidden horizon west or Our last part 2.

You can’t stop this phenomenon completely, but be aware that the bad habit of many PS4 players doesn’t help matters. explain how Avoid destroying your console The long-term.

Close to the wall, you won’t put your PS4

There are habits that players like to keep. Where to put his console is one. Few people move their PS4 regularly. This is not a problem in itself. On the other hand, putting it too close to the wall, yes. This is a very good way to slowly kill PS4. Know that you must at least 20 cm around the console to let it breathe.

Otherwise, the hot air from the console will be poorly evacuated and therefore heat up more quickly. When placed indoors, the PS4 will also accumulate dust faster. In short, give space to your console to avoid having to play with sound entirely. Or worse, having to buy one. It is better to invest in a good TV stand. There is another way to Keep your PS4 cool for longer : Support cooling. object PS5 owners Can also be used.

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