Netflix will show science fiction comedy The Last Bus

The next British series to be streamed on Netflix, “Last Bus”It is expected to hit the platform in April of this year. This new series features its main characters, a group of young students who are forced to fight to survive a robotic disaster that threatens to destroy humanity.

With 10 episodes for its first season, the series will be based on elements from the popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” and the 2011 sci-fi comedy “Alien Attack” with an addition of “Transformers” films with giant robots. Which the protagonists will have to face.

This hack shows us how the surviving group of children seem to be the only survivors in this apocalyptic world, which they will have to lead to restore society and take over the world.

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“The Last Bus” was created and written by Paul Nevesy, who was discovered by production company Wildseed after posting comedy videos on his YouTube channel from his bedroom. Neafcy also worked with Wildseed on “PrankMe,” a thriller series about a sassy blogger.

When the series was announced in August 2020, the founders of Miles Polo And the Jesse artfully They released the statement revealing the topics that “The Last Bus” will cover and explore:

While at one level ‘The Last Bus’ is an unapologetically entertaining sci-fi game, on another level it is a powerful environmental tale about how to empower the younger generation to make very different decisions than the younger generation that came before it. When it comes to the two great challenges of our time. : Environmental Collapse and Highly Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. »

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This new Netflix story will appear on the streaming platform April 1.

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