Netflix bid farewell to this sci-fi epic that marked the history of cinema

Netflix bid farewell to this sci-fi epic that marked the history of cinema

Catalog release alert! Netflix is ​​preparing to release a certain number of films, including this sci-fi epic that marked the history of the seventh art. Hurry and watch it before it is no longer available on the streaming platform.

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Before we start July in style, Netflix It plans to eliminate about forty titles, starting with Barry Sills: American Traffic With Tom Cruise. The thriller will not be available after June 30, just like the horror film Return of Chucky, Mortal Engines And the documentary Conor McGregor : Has bad reputationWhich takes us into the life of the Irish mixed martial arts champion. The little ones will have to hurry to see or be seen again Chubby: The Movie And All on stagewhile older children will watch the action comedy for the last time Mr. and Mrs. Smith And the trilogy MatrixWhich will not be available in two weeks.

Get off Netflix, top three Matrix Land on another streaming platform

Take advantage of these next few weeks to immerse yourself in movies again Matrix, Matrix: Reloaded And The Matrix: Revolutions, Before they leave Netflix on Sunday, June 30 to join Max. This will be a chance for early fans to rediscover Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson, also known as Neo. This young computer scientist sees his life turned upside down when he is attacked by strange coded messages coming from a certain Morpheus. Which makes him discover that the world he lives in is nothing but a virtual world called the Matrix.

Pulp Fiction, Gone Girl, Friends…These other movies and series are leaving Netflix for Max

the movies Matrix They're not the only film productions leaving Netflix's catalog for the new streaming platform Max. One ready player Written by Steven Spielberg will not be available on the Red N platform after June 30, just like Pulp fiction. So, you only have two weeks left to watch or rewatch this iconic film directed by Quentin Tarantino with a five-star cast consisting of John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis. The same applies to excitement Girl goneThe trilogy The Dark Knight By Christopher Nolan O joker With Joaquin Phoenix. In addition to movies, several series are also preparing to leave Netflix for the Max catalog. This is especially the case for sitcoms friends And The Big Bang TheoryWhich will be available starting July 1 on Warner Bros.

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