Nathan Jeda da Silva, en route to the European Under-18 Championship

Nathan Jeda da Silva, en route to the European Under-18 Championship

Well, it took him since he completed the three kilometres, full of obstacles in a time of 6:07.95, just under two seconds from the minimum set by the European authorities and … five hundred less than that chosen by the Portuguese Confederation. Because, yes, Nathan Geada Da Silva will not wear the colors of Belgium, whose standards are much stricter, but those of the country in which he was born. ” It is convenient for me because I will have much less pressure compared to the deadline (Editor’s note: June 18) to achieve the minimum. On this date also the national championship of Portugal will be held. I have to take part in it in order to verify my participation in the Euro, unless two citizens have a better time than my country in the meantime.

One thing is for sure, two now a year, Nathan Jada da Silva is on the rise, who had a personal best at 6:19 twelve months ago. Demonstrate that the work done with his coach is paying off. ” I would also like to thank him as well as my training partners and my parents. They helped me a lot He insists on those who will have great ambitions in Israel. I’ve been looking at the European hierarchy quite a bit and am now about 10th. So I would like to do something good there, you must have ambitions going forward. Anyway, I can’t wait to be there, but everything is on time. I will train well first to be ready for that moment.

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Dual citizenship, participation in a European Championship and undeniable talent, doesn’t that remind you of Robin Koeringen? In any case, Nathan Jeda da Silva is following in his elder’s footsteps and will no doubt sign with both hands at the time of this writing to meet the same fate that won a bronze medal at the Cross Country Euro a few months ago.

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