NASA’s Persevering Mars rover features a rocky spin in one of its wheels

NASA’s Persevering Mars rover features a rocky spin in one of its wheels

The Persevering rover image on February 25 shows driving on rocks. Voted ‘Picture of the Week’ for Week 54.


This story is part Welcome to MarsOur series exploring the red planet.

If you’ve ever stuck a pebble in your shoe, you’ll sympathize with a NASA roving probe. The rolling Mars explorer picked up a boulder in one of his wheels, and got stuck for a while. The boulder is not a rock, but it is not a small pebble either.

Space lovers notice the rock. Audience’s voice Snapshot February 25 Like “photo of the week” to persevere for a week. The Traveler’s last view From 2 March.

NASA publishes Rough Rover Pictures on a rolling base. Looking back in the archives, at least I found the rocks in the car avoidance camera photos From February 6Although I have not done a full historical study.

Since Perseverance seems to have adopted a fart rock, I called NASA to see if anyone had shot it yet. Otherwise I would suggestRocco“This would be a good idea.

Six Perseverance aluminum wheels, with lugs give it traction over the rough, rocky and dusty terrain of the Jezero Crater. Each wheel measures 20.7 inches (52.5 cm) in diameter. The latest sports rover designed by NASA has been updated compared to The dented wheels of the oldest Curiosity vehicle But it is still operating after many years on the red planet.

Rock music doesn’t slow down the perseverance of rolling over. The rover carried trucks across Mars, Setting new driving records Along the way. On the contrary, it speaks of the robust design of the rover wheels. If I had a rock this big in my shoes, I wouldn’t go anywhere.

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