MyFit Solutions adapts its 3D technology to orthopedics

MyFit Solutions adapts its 3D technology to orthopedics

Software publisher from Lyon MyFit Solutions Processes 3D modeling of the foot to produce orthotic insoles.

MyFit Solutions She made a name for herself in 2018 with her custom in-ear headphones. The Lyon-based startup then focused its activities on developing dedicated software to take digital measurements of different parts of the body using a simple smartphone.

Remote 3D scanning technology has many applications. Customizing products such as hearing aids and protections, watch strap size, early detection of scoliosis risk…”We have clients in healthcare, luxury and consumer goods.”says Xavier Deshayes, Founding Director of MyFit Solutions.

Reduce insole production time

After the ears, the wrist or the back, the program also scans the feet to allow La Semelle Française to produce custom-made soles. Thanks to the new process, the number of impressions box shipments, the consumption of single-use materials and production time will be reduced.

specialist in orthopedic insoles It improves its performance, improves the customer experience, and reduces the carbon footprint of its product.

“Today, we receive a total of about 2,000 scans per month.”Xavier Deshais.

The 15-person startup is preparing new development lines and plans to expand its solution to other parts of the body and bring objects into the capture.

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