murto. Science fiction comes to the Municipal Theatre

They already have the sacred fire in them. Depuis ce lundi and jusqu’à vendredi March 31, les égarés, the troupe theatrale du lycée Égard-Faure de Morteau occupe the municipal theater for you donner des repetitions all the sameine au profit from college student and vendredi March 31 at 20 h30 for general audience.


Young people who transport us back in time in a room called gum Which deals with the insect of the year 2000, most of which have not yet been born. But their teachers were already in this world, so it’s a bit like back to the future.

Moving on to the year 2000

This story’s three protagonists honor the year 2000 by noting that it’s been a thousand years since history displayed three zeros: these are the three zeros! She is a living room scientist named Tok who has a machine to travel in dimensional realities. He, Mardy, his young friend who has twitching fits and wears Doc Marty! With Marie Larance, Avril Lavigne’s failed avatar, serendipitously coming from a dimensional reality, their mission now is to restore reality! This is the famous mistake of 2000! The stage is ready. To screw it up, they will screw up and perpetually try to restore the present, by modifying future reality.

Well supervised by their teachers Sabine Benetroy, Gilles Paul-Ridat, Romain Gillet and Jan Capelli, the schoolchildren enter a new dimension with selected pieces of music; On the stage, even if many of them had already experienced the adventure of facing the crowd, they would give everything to live up to their ambitions.

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Friday March 31st at 8:30pm at the Murtaugh Theatre. free entry.

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