Minecraft Dungeons: Season Three “Fauna Faire” Reveals All Its Content | Xbox One

Two and a half years after its release, minecraft dungeons It continues to support its developers and today reveals what awaits fans of Hack ‘n’ Slash signed by Mojang. Let’s see what season 3 has in store.

Lots of new stuff for season 3

Titled “Faura Faire,” this new season will be all about animals. In fact, it will sign the arrival of many animals such as red pandas, emperor penguins, ferrets, raccoons, hedgehogs, and skunks. Of course, new forms will be in the image of all these creatures, as well as new emotions.

The Tower, an item introduced during Season 1, will also be given some new features. In fact, it will be possible to browse them in 4, allowing to discover all the new decks and bosses that will arrive with the Fauna Faire season. The difficulty will be adjusted according to the number of players. Of course all adventurers will get their reward.

That’s not all as an additional level will appear in the forest biome, allowing you to get three new items.

Finally, the new NPC must be rescued to join your base and thus allow you to re-enchant your equipment.

We won’t have to wait long to take advantage of all this because Season 3, titled Faura Faure, will be available on October 19. Rest assured if you don’t finish the second, it will still be possible to complete it to collect both free and paid rewards. Spooky Fall will reappear on Halloween on October 26.

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