Miles Morales will weave his web on PC in November

I admit the title isn’t crazy

If the title’s economic model… is too complex Released on PlayStation 5And the PC version From Miles Morales It is already easier to understand: it is A different game from Spider-Man Remastered, Point. Players who do not own the original game will be presented as standalone players, directly from the jump On Miles Moraleswhile those who have already swung from the top skyscrapers in Manhattan in the skin by Peter Parker You will have to do it again Pay 50 Euro To take advantage of this new adventure that features The other Spider-Man.

After the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, young Miles Morales finds his feet in his new home by following in the footsteps of his mentor, Peter Parker, as the new Spider-Man. But when a power struggle threatens to destroy his city, the would-be hero realizes that with great power comes great responsibility. To save Marvel’s New York, Miles will have to dress up as Spider-Man and prove he’s worthy.

in like the Spider-Man RemasteredAnd the Miles Morales Take advantage of the free configuration ray tracing And the frame ratewith support for extraordinary decisions Ultra fast screensas such NVIDIA DLAA and DLSS (despite FSR from AMD You should also be a part of it). These features quickly became popular in PlayStation game ports to PCNo one will complain. Back to work on the game transfer from Insomniac Games, Nexus He knows that PC gamers are waiting around the corner.

For those interested, pre-order for Spider-Man: Miles Morales will start at launch. TRACK . suits Based on In the spider verse (The beautiful black that simulates Go Motion animated movie), Gravity Well And the 3 entry skill points.

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