Milan, Liao renewal priority: good news from Switzerland

Milan, Liao renewal priority: good news from Switzerland

Milan does not intend to lose Rafael Liao. The Portuguese is the real star of the Rossoneri and the new owner, or RedBird, has every intention of locking up the young champion to make it happen. Make him a demon player today and tomorrow.

Liao renewal, good news from the Swiss court

Rafael Leao’s contract with Milan expires in June 2024. But the devil does not want to risk and aims to extend the first deal of the World Cup truce. There is talk of a meeting between the Rossoneri club and the Portuguese lawyer next week to reach an agreement.

News from the Swiss stadium could help Milan reach the classic white smoke. According to the record, the Portuguese media that The Swiss Federal Court would have rejected Lille’s appeal, forcing the French club to pay part of the 16.5 million euros to Sporting Lisbon linked to the transfer of Rafael Leao himself from the Portuguese club to the French club. In simple terms, the file Milan will not be obligated to pay the full amount of Sporting Lisbon But he “helped” Lil.

Milan Leao’s new offer: five million per season

The Devil was going to put an interesting new render on the board: Five million (net) per season for five years. Also Rossoneri . Club Sporting Lisbon will also pay (9-10 million euros in total).

An interesting proposal that could persuade the Portuguese to accept it (he finds himself very well with the Rossoneri), even if the player’s entourage seems bent on wanting it. With a salary of seven million euros per season for his client.

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AC Milan, PSG and Manchester City are crazy about Liao

Milan’s real problem is that Rafael Liao has a lot of fans. For the Portuguese born in 1999 in particular, two clubs will be willing to make pharaonic suggestions for themselves Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

The 150 million exit clause does not deter the two big clubs. Moreover, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City could guarantee Raphael Leao a pole salary, up to around €10m per season. Not to mention Chelsea, who tried to snatch him from the devil this summer. Hence Milan rush to close the gem as quickly as possible. There is no longer a place to wait.

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