Michel Jean and his three Portuguese Water Dogs

Michel Jean and his three Portuguese Water Dogs

“Three dogs is too much anyway,” says Michel Jean, who talks about his trio of dogs.

1. Introduce us to the three Portuguese Water Dogs.

Eddie is an 11-year-old in a wavy trench coat. Solo is a 10-year-old with a curly coat. Nipi is a 3 year old female with a hybrid coat. two perfect dogs; Three pack! They have their own rules.

2. Why did you choose these dogs?

I had a Labrador for 18 years. Legend in Mont Sainte Anne! When he died, I didn’t want a dog that looked like him, so I looked for a breed that was active (I do a lot of exercise with my dogs) and without shedding. I accidentally found Portuguese Water Dogs. They have a good temper, are gentle and affectionate. Very active, they are able to calm down. It’s medium sized so it’s not too bulky. Perfect size. Perfect dogs!

3. Where do these names come from?

I was named Eddy after cyclist Eddy Merckx, because I love cycling. Solo is the name the breeder gave him when he gave him to me. Nipi means water in Innu. It’s a water dog!

4. Are you more “cat” or “dog”?

I love cats, but I prefer dogs. When I was young at home, I had a dog. Then, I had a medium dog for 17 and a Labrador for 18.

5. How would you describe the personality of your animals?

Eddie is sweet and sensitive. He has a lot of empathy. When people are depressed or angry, he feels it and will rally around them. He can stay that way for a long time and that helps them. He’s a pet therapy dog! He’s a little worried. He cries to take care of him. Fear of thunderstorms. He will hide in the cellar. […] The Solo is supremely calm and solid: the leader of the pack. She is always around me and follows me. Nyepi is a different and unique female. She is very cute and has this “feminine” side, like a cat. She is more fun and a good listener. The two women compete together for the title of leader of the group and it caught my eye! They lead the male, who is crying backwards as he is being led by two real Germans. (to laugh)

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6. Do you have any anecdotes about your dogs?

Solo is able to jump and open the door! Nepi thinks she is a cat. She climbs on the furniture to look outside. She lies on the back of the sofa and rests on her back, the four irons in the air. All three cherry tomatoes love it so much that I had to put up fences in my garden. Real badger!

7. Do they make bad moves?

Solo is able to climb onto the table through a bench. I can’t leave food on the table or he’ll take it. It’s their fault. Eddie, run away, like a Labrador! It does not go away, but still.

8. Who takes care of your dogs when you leave?

Send them to the Hurle-vent kennel, a boarding house for dogs. Nice name for the writer! When I take them there the dogs get out of the car happy. […] I trust the owners, an amazing young couple who do it out of passion.

9. Like a master, like a dog

Eddie has a “happy camper” side, always in a good mood, like me. Solo has a sensible, well-thought-out side to it, and I do too.

10. How do your dogs inspire you?

It is more than an inspiration. It is reassuring and calming. You are not alone with a dog. People underestimate what dogs bring to us: humanity, warmth, sensitivity. They are sentient beings that convey affection and we have a beautiful relationship with them.

About Michael Jane:

A well-known LCN news anchor, host, journalist and author, he has written many excellent books including The wind is still talking about itAnd Kocomhis latest work, Teohita: yeah.

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