Medical Wakingation

Here is a true story that happened a few days ago.

We at the University of Minnesota, have over 50,000 students and an annual budget of over $4 billion.

More precisely, we are in medical school.


The new one accepted in the fall of 2022 was collected at the Grand Amphitheater.

The ceremony is chaired by the chair of the Department of Undergraduate Studies, Professor and Physician Robert Englander.

Students must take an oath. They all wear white mantles in front of the altar.

The chief of ceremonies reads the solemn declaration.

These future physicians must “respect all original methods of treatment that have historically been marginalized by Western medicine” (my translation).

They swear to fight “white supremacy, colonialism and bisexuality.”

I’ll spare you the rest of his wake.

I repeat: we are here in the medical school of a very large modern university, dealing with all the new admissions.

Dr. Englander is a graduate of Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard.

He now presides over a properly religious ceremony.

Students prepare themselves for the initiation rituals of purification and baptism to enter the “Critical Race Theory” religion, a new gospel that is sweeping campus.

One gets the impression of being in front of a sect of hallucinogens, such as those in Jonestown or Waco.

Take a look at the footage on Christopher F. Ruffo’s Twitter feed, Oct 11 at 2:41 p.m. It’s a minute and 43 seconds of pure babbling.

With all due respect, these “original healing methods” have cured how many cancers?

We owe them any surgical inventions?

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How many antibiotics did they discover?

They allowed a number of once fatal childhood diseases to be eradicated?

at 19e In the last century, it was often necessary to take an oath of allegiance to Catholicism or Anglicanism in order to enter university.

We return to him, but the doctrine has changed.

I tell you this so that you understand that awakened religion is not the work of radical students in obscure departments of literature, anthropology, and sociology at third-tier universities.

Awakened religion is now sweeping the physical sciences and major institutions.

Mathematician Sergio Kleinman, of Princeton University, one of the world’s most famous universities, said that in his native Romania, he was never told that mathematics was “racist”.


Have you ever tried to chat with these new fanatics?

It is useless, because we are in front of a doctrine with its commandments, rituals, sins, priests, heaven and hell.

When one believes, one does not need scientific evidence or deny it when confronted.

Imagine a society in which the people who were indoctrinated by this nonsense have attained positions of responsibility.

All this could end very badly. By that time, the damage would be horrendous.

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