Media Knowledge: Spotlight on Science – Two new productions in Quebec to be discovered in August

Media Knowledge: Spotlight on Science – Two new productions in Quebec to be discovered in August

In August, Savoir media presents freshers with a scientific flavor, always with the contribution of recognized professionals.

serial Science around the world Spotlight on scientists around the world who are constantly discovering new treatments, creating ever more advanced technologies to save more lives. Journey on the heavenly waves A documentary that will meet scientists at the forefront of technology, working on the greatest projects to explore the universe. These two international productions will be discovered exclusively in Quebec.

from Monday August 15And the Science around the world Covers recent scientific discoveries in six 52-minute episodes. The series will cover the latest in aerospace, medicine, green technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence, nature and technology. To do so, she meets scientists from around the world who are leading science like never before, in order to shine a light on the future of the planet. Episodes will be broadcast via Savoir Media Monday at 11 pmthen re-broadcast on Tuesday (8 pm), Thursday (12 pm and 5 pm) and Friday (9 pm).

Wednesday August 17 at 11 pmdocumentary Journey on the heavenly waves It takes viewers on a human and scientific adventure to the greatest sites of cosmic exploration on the planet. With ever more powerful ground or space telescopes, experts are always pushing the boundaries of knowledge even further. This is the case of the French astrophysicist Helen Courtois and its international team of astronomers. In 2014, while working on a new map of the sky, they succeeded in mapping for the first time the supercluster Laniakea, where the Milky Way is located, thus revealing with unprecedented accuracy the terrestrial address in the universe. The documentary will be rebroadcast on Thursday, August 18 (4pm), Friday, August 19 (6pm and 10pm), and Sunday, August 21 (3pm).

To watch the trailer, tap over here.

Science around the world And the Journey on the heavenly waves It will also be available online at

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