Maurepas – Caught in Maurepas with fake checks, fake driver’s licenses and fake ID cards

On March 2, 2023, Company Administrative Intervention (CDI 78) police officers conducted a roadside check in the town of Maurepas. During this, the two occupants in a car tried to hide fake foreign identification documents as well as check fake identities. As for the driver, he presented the police with a fake Portuguese driver’s license. The latter was arrested, as was one of his passengers, who tried to escape, without success.

A search of the vehicle revealed nine forged Spanish identity cards, including seven with the driver’s photo, a forged Portuguese driver’s license in his name, and a forged passport, as well as a driver’s license in the passenger’s name. In addition, 31 checks from LCL and BNP Paribas banks including fake identities were discovered.

Fake ID cards for 1,500 euros

During the hearing, the driver declared two fictitious dwellings. Finally, he admitted to being in an illegal situation and had bought fake Spanish identity cards for €1,500, so he could work. He said he obtained the forged documents in Champigny-sur-Marne and at Trappes station the same day.

Regarding the forged checks, he explained that he acted as an intermediary because he had to give them to the first person to whom he sold the forged cards. Regarding the Portuguese driver’s license, he said that he had bought it in Portugal, because his Brazilian driver’s license was no longer valid in France.

When questioned, the defendant explained that he had several identification cards to be able to use if one of them was refused by his employer. He denied having any intention to commit fraud. However, he refused to give the unlock codes to his mobile phone.

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During the hearing, the passenger ended up admitting that his passport, identity card and Brazilian driver’s license were also fake, purchased in Belgium. He also indicated that he did not know the origin of the other fakes found in the car.

The consultation conducted by the National File of Bank and Similar Accounts (FICOBA) revealed the use of at least two fake Spanish identity cards to open bank accounts and consumer credit. These facts will result in an incidental measure of fraud against the driver.

On instructions from the Public Prosecution, the two defendants, aged 26 and 38, were referred for immediate appearance. They were respectively sentenced to eight months in prison (the driver), including a four-month suspended sentence, and a temporary ban on the ground for five years, and the other (the passenger) was given a suspended but also temporary eight-month prison sentence. for five years.

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