Matatie: Matabilles for allergen-free treatment

Matatie: Matabilles for allergen-free treatment

In the middle of World Allergy Week, Matatie is making a splash with its new product: Matabilles. Created by Théphane Bordier in 2017, the brand specializes in cakes and chocolates free of the 14 major allergens, and is designed for children with food allergies. A mission born from personal experience, as Théphane's niece suffers from allergies.

The result is alarming: food allergies have increased by 200% in 20 years, and now affect 6 to 8% of children under 15 years of age. In the face of this challenge, Matatie is committed to providing delicious and safe alternatives. Its products, made with strict control, aim to bring joy and comfort to children excluded from traditional sweet pleasures.

Matabilles, crunchy little chocolate balls that melt in your mouth, are the latest addition to this adventure. Available on Matatie, they promise to delight young and old alike without any common allergens.

Thanks to Matati, more than 450,000 packages have already reached homes and hospitals, bringing deliciousness and safety to children suffering from allergies. So, are you ready to live life to the fullest with the Matabele?

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