Maneater and the latest Tomb Raider highlight free PS Plus games for January

Maneater and the latest Tomb Raider highlight free PS Plus games for January

Sony has it Announced January lineup for games It can be downloaded for free for PS Plus subscribers.

Starting January 5th, you’ll only be able to get the PS5 version from the Manneteer, Eat em-up game ribbedChris Blunt described In his entertainment review As the “best shark game … ever?” Plus two other PS4 games, Gridval And the Shadow Tomb Raider Both are playable on PS5. Unfortunately, the PS4 version of Manneteer Not available for people who haven’t yet migrated to PS5, so PS4 owners only get two games this month. This package will not be available after February 1, 2021.

Sony appears to have created a formula for its free monthly game collection, with one PS5 game serving as a premium and two PS4 games to round it off (and to keep handing out some small gifts to people who don’t yet have a PS5). Speaking of PS5 games, go ahead and download Bogusnax For free while you can. It won’t be available as an add-on for PS Plus subscribers after January 4.

We don’t usually know what it will be in every monthly set of games, but Sony has already been involved in that Destroy all starsAnd the Vehicle fighting game delayed after console launch date, It will be the February freebie for the PS5.

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