Major storms are measured in terms of damage and lost revenue

Major storms are measured in terms of damage and lost revenue

If we talk here about “lost income,” it is because it is a separate account from “damages.” Numerous studies have estimated – not to mention the mounting bills faced by insurance companies – the costs of damage from major storms and other extreme weather events – including floods and fires. Accordingly, the observation is clear: the bill increases from year to year.

But these calculations do not take into account the large impact, the California researchers wrote study Previously published (which means it has not been edited by other experts) on May 30th: The long-term economic impact – that famous “lost revenue.” Whether it's businesses taking time to reopen or average incomes across the region that will, in most cases, take at least five years before returning to previous levels.

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Reconstruction, Explain these researchersIt requires time and money, so it can't be used for anything else. The result is a regional economic crisis. For comparison, these numbers represent at least 10 times the value of damage caused by storms.

Their numbers also show growth, as the frequency of extreme weather events has increased since 1980

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